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Łihiuanāh Łihiuan Gloss The King of Kings
Uīgīz, zī yoni īlōz, mī yōbinātł īcotzunīciz., 2sg.m.nom who.nom q-be-2sg, thus 1sg-gen word-pl-dat q-test-refl-2sg-ipfv Who are you to test yourself against my words, mortal?
Hinoh īzromiz. 1sg-acc q-neg-recognize-2sg-ipfv Do you not know me?
Hinoh uānoguaz quāliz īzromiz. 1sg-gen see-2sg-ipfv q-neg-recognize-2sg-ipfv Do you see my face and not recognize it?
Huga hinoh uānoguaz githōhuin, cōpimāh hinoh ueliz timāchezin. Stone immortalizes my face, and walls have my name written on them.
Tłhūceda huēara tłiz izquāquālin. only Only a blind man would fail to see that.
Hinoz tacizhin, łihiuan. 1sg-acc call-2sg-pfv, You called me a king.
Mic hin ubo łihiuan izlōīn. but 1sg.nom merely neg-be-1sg But I am not just a king.
Ziyotł ītłōtzhīnoh, yoni lōīn. Shall I tell you who I am?
Hin Łihiuanāh Łihiuan lōīn, hinōzi tłāł cēdima izmozin. I am the King of Kings; none is as mighty as I.
My kingdom goes from the sea to the mountains and beyond the horizon, to the north, south, east and west – it is all my land, without borders.
Miruzda, colizda, rēlazda, huīthazda tłhōbīn. I control the very sun, wind, fire and lightning.
The day comes when I call it and the night with its stars and the moon on the night sky dare not show up until I'm done.
Hin tzīzi uīgīhuāzi tłāłiz uīcaz izuolīn, ti huphin tzīzi tłāłiz rūcuz izcaxīn. I do not drink the same water as you mortals, nor do I eat the same bread as you.
The whole world is my garden - I have created it and I rule it.
The heavens envy me, and the gods bow down before me.
Yut hāzēna lōīn, tłihuān. for great-cpr-sg.nom be-1sg, 3pl-an-pl-abl For I am greater than they.
Izcallimaz quaziz, hinotł duquipāxin tłi, li lōz, yeno īlōn. Worthless human, compared to me, what is that which you are?
You are dust and will die as dust, while my garden will stand for an eternity and win against the tide of time.
Yours is a house of bricks and wood, mine is a palace of stone, marble and gold.
Hin ziyotł īzhuimīdīn, huāpātł guēxin izlōz. 1sg.nom 2sg.m-dat q-neg-permit-1sg-ipfv, live-inf-dat neg-be-2sg You cannot live if I do not permit you to.
Ziyotł moznōtziz tłēguzpātł īyorōtzhezīn. Am I obligated to tolerate your existence for you?
Ubo hinoh yozca lōz. You are but a servant of mine.
I am the first among kings, the King of Kings.
Quebā lulā hinotł odotzhitzin. All things belong to me.
From the smallest grain of dust to the tallest mountain, from the smallest drop of rain to the largest ocean, from a mouse in a field to an eagle high in the sky.
Every dog and horse, soldier and weapon and treasure are my property.
Ziyoh yeno, izmoziz. 2sg.m.gen what-nom, neg-exist-2sg What about you? You are nothing. (lit. You don't exist)
And this is my garden and I its king, the King of Kings.


Hansu Hansuen/Raxic

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