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Modern Aquitanian (mw'Akiteenuvèlw /mɨʔakitɛ̃nu'velɨ/ or mw'Akitee aipo /mɨʔaki'tɛ̃ ai'po/) is spoken in western France in Lõis, and despite the name, it's a language isolate unrelated to Basque. Its phonology and grammar shaped the evolution of Modern Standard French.


The origins of Modern Aquitanian are shrouded in mystery; it's a common belief among non-linguists that Modern Aquitanian is a remnant of the earliest languages spoken in Europe, before the Indo-European invasion.

Most of Aquitanian vocabulary has unknown origins though some words are believed to be loans from extinct Indo-European languages. There is evidence that Aquitanian may be related to the pre-Germanic and pre-Greek substrate languages, mostly in the form of shared vocabulary and affixes (for example, the word for "legume", eduvee, bears considerable resemblance to the Greek word erebinthos for "pea", believed to be of non-Indo-European origin). Modern French loanwords are common in formal registers of Aquitanian.


Relex and (slightly) exaggerate polysynthetic analyses of French

plee: brick

paxìlyw: monarch

uakee: hyacinth

thazaa: arena (Proto-Aquitanian *tʰažānā, borrowed into Greek as θρόνος and into Etruscan as hasēna)

eetemixyoo: intermission (from French)


Modern Aquitanian is agglutinating and head-initial, and features an Austronesian-style alignment system which is atypical of European languages.


  • direct: honorific ta-, non-honorific unmarked
  • indirect: honorific khu-, non-honorific vi-
  • genitive: honorific xa-, non-honorific mw-
  • oblique: la-
  • lative: va-
  • locative: the-
  • ablative: xee-
  • comitative: zau-
  • abessive: voo-


  1. (xoo)ve /sɔ̃'ve/
  2. plaa /plɑ̃/
  3. pazw /pa'ʒɨ̯/
  4. veyw /ve'jɨ̯/
  5. lusaa /lu'ʃɑ̃/
  6. eexaa /ɛ̃'sɑ̃/
  7. etimo /eti'mo/
  8. axitw /asi'tɨ̯/
  9. xaazixua /sɑ̃ʒa'suə/
  10. ixua /i'suə/
  11. ixua a-ve
  12. ixua a-plaa
  13. ixua a-pazw
  14. ixua a-veyw
  15. ixua a-lusaa
  16. ixua a-t-eexaa
  17. ixua a-t-etimo
  18. ixua a-t-axitw
  19. ixua a-xaazixua
  20. loqhaaxye /loχɑ̃'çe/