New Imperial Age

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The New Imperial Age (nia) refers to the calendar used primarily by the nations of S'entin and Tevrén, but is also used throughout Avrid due to their influence. It places year one at the end of the Hileran War of Reclamation. Years before this are referred to as Before the New Imperial Age (bnia). The name refers to S'entin and Tevrén (and technically Iscaria), all Aeranid speaking countries, as an extention of the Aeranid Empire.

Timeline of events in the New Imperial Age count

Years Before the New Imperial Age

Years of the New Imperial Age

  • 1nia:
  • 77nia: Prince Hosande of Tevrén is lost and assumed dead in deamon world, triggering the war between the deamons and the real world.
  • 83nia: John Stephenson-What-Kills, Peter Blackwood, and Mark Hamill (Harry Potter) join the army of Tevrén.