Rokadong IPA

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This page is reference material for IPA notation of Rokadong. For more help regarding reading IPA, see IPA.

IPA Meaning Rokadong example Natlang example
m Voiced bilabial nasal ming (five)
English moon
n Voiced alveolar nasal nata (I, me)
English nut
ɲ Voiced palatal nasal nyecu (lizard)
Spanish uña
i Close front unrounded vowel ci (five)
RP English happy
Lengthened close front unrounded vowel míha (time)
English mean
Other symbols
ˌ this syllable receives pitch accent, but not stress accent laza-raza (day)
ˈ this syllable receives pitch accent and stress accent kucing (kanva)
this syllable ends the pitch accent - either this vowel or the next has falling tone depending on context reka (dirt, earth)
. syllable break liat (belly)