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Quame languages

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Family tree
| region = Txapoalli, Bjeheond, Etalocin; today worldwide
| name = Quame
| familycolor = quihumQuame
| family = One of Tricin's primary language families
| protoname = [[Proto-QuihumQuame]]
| child1 = [[Talmic languages|Talmic]]
| child2 = [[Naquic languages|Naquic]]
The '''Quame languages''' ([[Eevo]]: ''brits Cłem'', from ''*kʷēm-'', the reconstructed word for 1), also known as '''Naquo-Talmic''', are a language family in [[Verse:Tricin|Tricin]]. It is well-established that that [[Naquic languages|Naquic]] and [[Talmic languages|Talmic]] form a Naquo-Talmic family; the relationship of [[SjowaazhéñSowaár]] to Naquo-Talmic is less conjectured by some but not well-established.
==TodoFamily tree==Should I keep an ejective series {{clade |label1=Proto- keep it.Quame |1={{cladeIf no ejective series: how to get ejectives in Naquic and a 3 |label1=Roshtero-way distinction in Sjowaazhic?[[Talmic]] |1={{clade |label1= Talmic ([[Thensarian]]) |1={{clade |label1=[[Tigol]] |1={{clade |label1=Anbiric*Cr > C'? |1={{clade*Sjowaazhic would have less distinction for coda consonants, like Navajo |1=[[Anbirese]] (just pseudo-d and Sino-t'Korean) }}Todo: |label2=Ciètic |2={{clade |1=[[Ciètian]] (pseudo-Mandarin) |2=[[Páuluòbeng]]d t > d t in Talmic, t t' in Naquic }} |label3=SkellicCan I "reconstruct" a Pre |3={{clade |1=[[Skellan]] (Hmooby Icelando-Quame with regular ablaut and laryngeals?Welsh) |2=[[Loðagese]] |3=[[Vornian]] }} }} |label2= |2={{clade |1=[[Nurian]] }} |3=[[Qazhrian]] }} |label2=[[Old Roshterian]] |2={{clade |1=[[Roshterian]] }} }} |label2=[[Naquian]] |2={{clade |1=[[Tizian]] |2=[[Atzopic]] |3=[[Xaetjeon]] |4=[[Whetmer]] }} |label3=[[Bonzic]] |3=[[Bonzic]] |label4= |4=[[Aewedanoan]] }}}}
! rowspan="2" colspan="2" |
! rowspan="2" |Labial
! rowspan="2" |CoronalDental! rowspan="2" |Alveolar
! rowspan="2" |Palatal
! colspan="2" |Velar
| '''*m'''
| '''*n'''
! rowspan="23" |Plosive
! |<small>plain</small>
| '''*p'''
| '''*c'''| '''*t, *c'''
| '''*k'''
| '''*qʷ'''
| '''*ʔ'''
! |<small>ejective</small>
| '''*pʼ'''
| '''*cʼ'''
| '''*tʼ'''
| '''*kʼ'''
| '''*kʷʼ'''
| '''*qʼ'''
| '''*qʷʼ'''
! |<small>voiced</small>
| '''*b'''
| '''*z'''| '''*d, *z'''
| '''*g'''
! colspan="2" style="" |Fricative
| '''*f'''
| '''*þ''', '''*s'''
| '''*xs'''| '''*xʷ'''| '''*χ'''| '''*χʷ'''| | |
| '''*h'''
! colspan="2" |Resonant
| '''*l, '''| '''*r'''
| '''*y''' /j/
! style="width: 90px; " |Central
! style="width: 90px; " |Back
! style="" |Close
| '''*i *ī'''
| '''*u *ū'''
! style="" |Mid
The basic word order was V2, modifier-modified.
Proto-Quame roots were monosyllabic and obeyed the sonority hierarchy.
Nouns and adjectives had:* two three genders: animatemasculine, inanimate.** There were also honorific forms which worked like a gender somewhat. The honorific turns into a feminine in [[Talmic languages|Talmic]], meanwhile animate and inanimate become masculine and neuter.
* two states: absolute and construct.
* three cases: directnominative, indirectaccusative, and genitive.** Some speculate that Proto-Quame originally had an intransitive-transitive alignment. The nominative and accusative may have originally been intransitive and transitive cases respectively, since stative verbs in the 3rd person singular have nominative endings, while eventive verbs in the 3rd person singular have endings similar to accusative endings.* two numbers: singular and plural. There was also a third number, the collective, ** Some nouns had broken plurals formed by reduplication reduplicating of the first syllable. Some nouns had plurals in or using a different ablaut grade. The broken plural used singular affixes.
Possible declensions:
*Moods: indicative, subjunctive, jussive, imperative
*Austronesian alignment, realized with various trigger verb prefixes.
====Personal affixesStative conjugation====-dei, -woi, -φm, -φi, -φs, -mer, -nter, -kʷer, -ber ====Active conjugation====-ni, -ri, -mi, -si, -ø, -mek, -nti, -kʷe, -ti ==Derivations==*''-tl-, -tlom'' = agent, instrument, participle*''-ā-'' = verbalizer from nouns*''-ye-, -i-'' = verbalizer from adjectives
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