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Voice is marked exclusively by suffixes, markers function in different ways for different verbs. They are distinguished primarily for the ways in which follow they focus the root subject or aspectual suffixesobject of the verb.
* '''Patient focus''' is marked with '''''-a-''''' and is mainly used to mark with intransitive verbs where in which the subject is not the semantic agent, patient of the verb (i.e. is not considered to have control over the action of the verbClasses I-III), e.g. ''dreha-'' "be red", ''tuma-'' "fall". This includes intransitive Used with semantically transitive verbs of actions and statesClass V, or verbs with it is effectively a passive meaning, marker e.g. ''plusakeyka-'' "is sickseen", . The subject of patient focus verb is in the Abs. case and there can be no direct object.* '''kekeraAgent-Patient focus'' "was ruled"* ' is marked with '''''-i-''''' and is used only with Class V (transitive ) verbs, where in which both the subject and direct object are stated, e.g. ''keri-''"rule". The subject of the verb is in the ergative case and the direct object in the absolutive.* '''Agent focus''' verbs are marked with '''''-u-''''' is and are used with intransitive Class IV and V verbs , where the subject is considered to have control over the actionagent of the verb, or with transitive verbs but where the no direct object of the verb is not stated, e.g. ''kuku-'' "eat", ''yuru-'' "run". The subject is in the ergative case for both transitive and intransitive verbs* '''Medial''' verbs are marked with '''''-e-''''' and are used with Class V transitive verbs when the agent and the patient refer to the same entity, creating a reciprocal or reflexive meaning, e.g. ''kukusape-'' "eatswash oneself".* '''''-e-''''' is used to give the verb a '''reciprocal''' or '''reflexive''' meaning, e.g. ''sape-'' "wash oneself". The subject here is in the ergative case.
* '''''-im-''''' is a '''causative''' suffix, meaning "cause to do", e.g. ''kukim-'' "feed s.o.", ''mlagnim-'' "kill".
* '''''-am-''''' is an '''anticausative''' suffix, describing an action forced upon someone or something, e.g. ''kukam-'' "force feed"

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