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My conlangs on Linguifex:

  • Cumbraek, an a posteriori language which began life as an attempt to recreate the lost Medieval Celtic language of Cumbric.
  • Norþimris, an a posteriori lang based on what Northumbrian Old English might have ended up like if the Normans hadn't invaded (what did they ever do for us?).
  • Bźatga, a fairly sketchy Slavicky/Celticky language which needs more work
  • Is Burunking, my first attempt at an a priori language in about 15 years, which keeps stalling.
  • Proto-Rathmosian, an a priori sketch intended to be the basis of two daughter languages.
  • Pulqer, an a posteriori Romance language based on a conworld idea I had when I was about 10.