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This is to show the etymology of a word:

{{Etym|<< word one ! meaning one # LangOne | << word two ! meaning two # LangTwo | word ! meaning of word # a + two ! meaning of two # b}}
From LangOne word one (meaning one), from LangTwo word two, From word + two (meaning of two).


The format to use this is {{Etym|<command>}}, where <command> is a string composed of a series of, at least one, inputs separated by a pipe |

Each input is built s follows:

Choose whether your word is a compound or not

  • A + B if it's a compound
  • << A if it isn't

Let A and B be in one of the following formats:

  • word
  • word ! gloss
  • word # language (if it's not a compound), lang can be the full language name of the ISO code
  • word ! gloss # language (if it's not a compound)


{{Etym|<< word}} From word.

{{Etym|<< word # lang}} From lang word.

{{Etym|<< word ! gloss # lang}} From lang word (gloss).

{{Etym| word1 + word2}} From word1 + word1.

{{Etym| word1 ! gloss1 + word2 ! gloss2}} From word1 (gloss1) + word2 (gloss2).

{{Etym| word1 + word2 ! gloss2}} From word1 + word2 (gloss2).

{{Etym|<< word ! gloss # lang | << word ! gloss # lang}} From lang1 word1 (gloss1), from lang2 word2 (gloss2).