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See also: Glossing key and Glossing

The Gloss template is used to produce a quickly and consistently formatted gloss of a phrase.


Paste the following code to your page (morphemes is optional; IPA and translation may be omitted for use in relays):

|phrase = 
|IPA = 
| morphemes = 
| gloss = 
| translation = 


The following code:

|phrase = I'm here.
|IPA = /aɪ̯m hiːɚ/
| morphemes = I-am here
| gloss = 1.SG.NOM-to be.1.SG here.ADV
| translation = I am here.

grants this result:

I'm here.
/aɪ̯m hiːɚ/
I-am here
1.SG.NOM-to be.1.SG here.ADV

I am here.