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The Kanpos language is an a priori conlang based on a simplified phonology and polysynthesis.


Kanpos allows a wide range of allophony for most of its phonemes.


Front Mid Back
Nasal n /n/
Stop p /p/ t /t/ k /k/
Fricative v /w/ j /ʝ/ s /ʃ/
Liquid r /ɹ/


Up u /ü/
In o /ɔ/
Down a /ä/


A sequence of two identical vowels gives a stressed vowel.



Verbs only conjugate for their mood.

Modality Mood
Realis -p- Declarative -a- Indicative -s
Energetic -r
Mirative -tu
Gnomic -o- Gnomic -j
Epistemic irrealis -t- Hyperthetical -u- Epistemic -s
Assumptive -r
Deductive -pa
Renarrative -japu
Tentative -ku
Isothetical -a- Dubitative -s
Potential -r
Interrogative -ka
Isothetical conjunctive -nku
Hypothetical -o- Hypothetical -r
Counterfactual conjunctive -sta
Deontic irrealis -k- Volitive -a- Optative -nta
Desiderative -to
Alethic -ro- Alethic -nka
Assertive directive -o- Hortative -to
Jussive -s
Passive directive -u- Deliberative -nko
Precative -tn
Propositive -ja