Western Voþken

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Western Voþken is a daughter of Voþken that came as a result of the isolation between the western and eastern divide after the Fire Rebellion.



Bilabial Labiodental Dental Alveolar Post Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular
Plosive voiceless p /p/ t /t/ k /k/
voiced b /b/ d /d/ g /g/
Nasal m /m/ n /n/
Fricative voiceless þ /θ/ s /s/ c /ʃ/ h /χ/
voiced ð /ð/ s [z]*
Approximant voiceless f /ʍ/
voiced v /ʋ/ r /ɹ/ y /j/ w /ɰ/
Lateral Approximant l /l/



Front Central Back Diphthongs
Close i /i/ u /u/
Near-Close i/y /ɪ/ [ɪ]*
Close-Mid o /o/ ei/ey /ej/
Mid a /ə/
Open-Mid e /ɛ/ oi/oy /ɔɪ/
Open a [a]* o [ɑ]* ai/ay /aj/


Except for diphthongs, all vowels have a nasal allophone.


Allowed Syllables

  • (C)(C)V(C)(C)

Consonant Clusters Word Initial

  • [fricative]+[nasal,liquid,stop]
  • [stop]+[nasal,liquid,fricative]

Word Internal

Word Final

  • [fricative]+[stop]
  • [stop]+[fricative]
  • /m/+/b/
  • /n/+[stop,excluding /b/]

Phonological Rules

  • /ɛ/ > [ə] / _#
  • /s/ > [z] / $_[+voiced +consonant]
  • /s/ > [z] / [+voiced +consonant]_$
  • /o/ > [ɔ] / _/j/
  • /j/ > [ɪ] / /ʊ/_
  • /j/ > [ɪ] / [+consonant] _ [+consonant]
  • /j/ > [i] / [+consonant] _#
  • /ə/ > [a] / _/j/$
  • [dental fricative] > ∅ / #_ [velar stop]
  • /ɹ/ > ∅ / [vowel] _#
  • [vowel] > [nasalization] / _[nasal]
  • /o/ > [ɑ] / /ɰ/_


Western Sound Changes

First Wave

  • [+labiodental +fricative] > [-labiodental +labial]
  • [+dental +fricative] > ∅ / #_ [velar stop]
  • /w/ >/ɰ/
  • /ʊ/ > /o/
  • /ɹ/ > ∅ / [+vowel] _#
  • /x/ > /χ/

Second Wave

  • [+labial +fricative] > [-fricative +approximant]
  • [+vowel] > [+nasalization] / _[nasal]
  • /o/ > [ɑ] / [ɰ]_
  • [æ] > [ə]


Uppercase Romanization A B C D Ð E F G H I K L M N O P R S Þ T U V W Y
Voþken A-UC.svg B-UC.svg C-UC.svg D-UC.svg Ð-UC.svg E-UC.svg F-UC.svg G-UC.svg H-UC.svg I-UC.svg K-UC.svg L UC.svg M-UC.svg N-UC.svg O-UC.svg P-UC.svg R-UC.svg S-UC.svg Þ-UC.svg T-UC.svg U-UC.svg V-UC.svg W-UC.svg Y-UC.svg
Lowercase Romanization a b c d ð e f g h i k l m n o p r s þ t u v w y
Voþken A-LC.svg B-LC.svg C-LC.svg D-LC.svg Ð-LC.svg E-LC.svg F-LC.svg G-LC.svg H-LC.svg I-LC.svg K-LC.svg L-LC.svg M-LC.svg N-LC.svg O-LC.svg P-LC.svg R-LC.svg S-LC.svg Þ-LC.svg T-LC.svg U-LC.svg V-LC.svg W-LC.svg Y-LC.svg

Spelling Changes

  • The use of < i > in place of < y > where the /j/ is used in the construction of diphthongs
  • Where letters are no longer pronounced, in interests of preserving phonetics, the letter would no longer be written