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Zhendic (sta lenƣa Ƣendⱶca /sta leŋgɐ ʒɛːntkɐ/) is the most grammatically conservative Romance language in the Unbegotten timeline. It is characterized by

  • preservation of Latin declension, including the distinction between nominative and oblique stems
  • some weird Armenian-inspired sound changes, for example:
    • duō > erƣu /ɛrgu/ '2'

(Inspired in part by Wenedyk, might change name)


Jo sam sta ƣia, sta ƣierⱶtas et sta ƣita /jo sɐm stɐ ʒiɐ, stɐ ʒiːərtɐs ɛ stɐ ʒitɐ/ = I am the way, the truth and the life



Zhendic nouns decline in 4 cases: nominative, objective (used for direct objects and some prepositional objects), genitive and vocative. They fully retain the neuter gender and various declensions. Various 3rd declension nouns in particular now serve as model nouns.

It has definite articles (masculine ste, feminine sta, neuter stu) but no indefinite articles.

1st declension

puella > heila

heila (f.) = daughter, young girl
singular plural
Nominative heila heily
Vocative heila! heily!
Genitive heily heilor
Objective heilo heilos

2nd declension

duoms (m.) = house, home
singular plural
Nominative duoms duomi
Vocative duom! duomi!
Genitive duomi duomur
Objective duomu duomus
csailu (n.) = castle
singular plural
Nominative csailu csaila
Vocative csail! csaila!
Genitive csaili csailur
Objective csailu csaila

3rd declension

piscis > peщs nom: peщs, peщes gen: peщs, peщu obj: peщe, peщis

vēritas > ƣiertas nom: ƣiertas, ƣiertotes gen: ƣiertôs, ƣiertotu obj: ƣiertote, ƣiertotis

genus > zens nom: zens, zenera gen: zenerys, zeneru obj: zens, zenera


1st/2nd decl.

buons = good nom: buons, buona, buonu; buoni, buony, buona gen: buoni, buony, buoni; buonur, buonor, buonur obj: buonu, buono, buonu; buonus, buonos, buonus

3rd decl.

faċilⱶs = easy nom: facilⱶs, facilⱶs, facil; faciles, faciles, facilja gen: facilⱶs; faċilju obj: facile, facile, facil; facilis, facilis, facilja