Austronesian Hebrew/Orthography/Logograms

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These symbols were used to

  • distinguish homophones
  • represent whole words (rare)
  • clarify numerals
Sign Sumerian Akkadian Logogram Determiner Seal Script Chinese
𒀀 A/ABZU? water liquid 水-seal.svg shui3 =
𒄑 GIŠ/iṣu/w wood, tree trees, wooden object Character Mu4 Seal.svg mu4 =
𒂗 EN, ENSI bēlu, lord, master god 主-seal.svg zhu3 =
𒌷 URU/c city, town city 市-seal.svg shi4 = 市
𒋢 KUŠ/SU/su hide, leather leather item 皮-bronze.svg pi2 = 皮
𒀀𒇉 AM3/àm ?bamboo? p ordinal number 竹-bigseal.svg cp. 第 zhu2 = 竹
𒀭 AN/DINGER/d sky/heaven divinity name 天-seal.svg tian1 = 天
𐩗 𒋰 MIN (DIDLI?)/2 two after duals 二-seal.svg er4 = 二
𒍏 ZABAR/URUDU metal (gold) type of metal
metal object
金-seal.svg jin1 = 金
𒌗 ITU month, moon month 月-bigseal.svg yue4 = 月
𐩇 𒄷 MUŠEN bird bird 鳥-seal.svg niao3 = 鳥
𒄞 GUD ox, bull ox, cow 牛-seal.svg niu2 = 牛
𒀯/𒋼 MUL/MÚL,TE star star 661f.gif xīng
𒉌𒌓 na4/zá stone stone 石-seal.svg shi2 = 石
𒈣 elep/má boat/ship boat/ship 舟-seal.svg zhou1 = 舟
𐩃 𒊺 še rice/grain rice/grain 米-seal.svg mi3 = 米
thread thread 己-seal.svg
𒋠 síg wool woven 毛-bronze.svg mao2 = 毛
𒇻 udu sheep/goat sheep/goat 羊-seal.svg yang2 = 羊