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From Proto-Tulvan tulu- ("to think").


(Tulvan) IPA: /'tulv/


tulv (past tense taulv, aorist participle tuylv, defused form tulu)

  1. to think
    Tulv kwam, kik ëv kem.
    I think therefore I am.
  2. to ponder
  3. the act of engaging on a mental exercise to determine a solution or to analyze a problem


Conjugation Form
Present tulv
Past taulv
Imperative tulvi
Subjunctive taulvi
Present habitual kitulv
Past habitual kitaulv
Past perfect katulv
Future kutulv
Conditional kyatulv

Usage notes

It must not be confused with "to meditate" which employs a different word. The best translation into English would be "to ponder", and a perfectly valid equivalent would be the Latin "cogito". It must be noted that it should not be used to express "I think today might be a good day" or to express doubt or uncertainty.