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Small set is a depictable version with least features came from Lekma /ˈlekmɐʔ/. Large set or Lekma though is a personal platform which any words from any other languages can be put together. Both is in my personal experience serving for better understandings of linguistic features by having a personal language.

Small set Propeties

Vowel inventory

/i/〈ie〉 /u/〈u〉 /e/〈ei〉 /u̯o/〈uo〉 /ɐ/〈a〉

Semivowel inventory

/j/〈hz〉 /w/〈hv〉 /ə/〈e〉

Consonant inventory

/p/〈ft〉 /b/〈b〉 /m/〈lb〉 /t/〈t〉 /d/〈d〉 /n/〈n〉 /l/〈ll〉 /k/〈c〉 /ɡ/〈z〉 /ŋ/〈lz〉 /ɻ/〈rz〉 graph for initial null consonant〈h〉 graph for final null consonant〈k〉 graph for longtone vowel sign〈h〉

Syllable structure


Punctation signs

〈.〉 is for Halfstops. 〈:〉 is for fullstops.


No lexical stress. Phrasal intonation may put on an initial word of phrase.

Constituent order


Set of phrases typically is V(O) for predicate. V₂ is a connective. V₂O₂ is the Suject.


Lexemes are devided into either connectives or words.

Null graph turns every inital word of phrases into verb.

Connectives are sort of verbs but unlike other verbs, word which is next to connective turns into subject.

Small set Connectives

〈hak〉 at V₂ otherwise 〈cak〉 is to mean in the shape of.

〈halb〉 at V₂ otherwise 〈calb〉 is to mean the predicate is an explanation about the subject.

〈halz〉 at V₂ otherwise 〈calz〉 is to mean the subject is ergative for the predicate.

〈harz〉 at V₂ otherwise 〈carz〉 is to mean the subject is objective for the action denoted by the predicate.


calz cahz. hak ftall:

by light that bright

The sun shines.

curz cahz. llahv curz. calz ftall. hak duolz:

falling light more falling by bright that sound

Light travels faster than sound.