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Guide to templates to use and their functions and examples

Template Code Example Result Description
Conlang Dictionary {{term|word here}} {{term|mao}} mao links the word inside to the contionary entry of it.
No Contionary {{nc|Contionary:word}} {{nc|Contionary:mao}} mao Eliminated the contionary part of a page title.
No Ending {{ne|word|ending length}} {{ne|Walking|3}} Walk Eliminated the ending of a word.
Contionary definition {{def|def1|def2}} {{def|meep|sip}} {{

meep , sip }}

This is used in combination with other templates, additoinal definitions are added to narrow the meaning to where the included words are overlapping, not to include different definitions
Verb Usage {{Use|text here}} {{Use|subject hits object with indirect}}
  1. Usage: Subject hits Object with Indirect Object
Illustrates how the verb is used with direct and indirect objet and the subject, the subject can be alone, the subejct and object can be the only ones and no indirect
Multifeature {{Multifeature|feat1|feat2|...|feat10|align=css align-text value|rounded=true}} {{Multifeature|+voiced|+alveolar}}
Use it for sound rules and featural descriptions
Phonorule {{Phonorule|A|B|C}} {{Phonorule|n|nʲ|_i}} n  nʲ ⧸ _i Use it for sound rules, it has the option large=true, for use in combination with Multifeature
Etym {{etym|<< word ! meaning # language}} {{etym|<< wurda- ! speech, talk, utterance, sentence, statement, news, report, word # Proto-Germanic}} {{
<< wurda- ! speech, talk, utterance, sentence, statement, news, report, word # Proto-Germanic From Proto-Germanic wurda- (speech, talk, utterance, sentence, statement, news, report, word) }}. Freeform word etymology
Glossabb {{glossabb|<glossing abbrev>}} {{glossabb|inf}} inf Automatic glossing abbreviation smallcap and tooltip description