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Loðagese (Skellan: Loðagib /ˈʟɔðəkip/) is a minority Tigolic language descended from the Skellan dialect continuum. It is very morphologically conservative: it has kept most of the verb forms of Tigol, except the allomorphy of absolute and conjunct forms. It is inspired by Hmong, Manx, and English.



Stop system: /t tʰ d θ/ d t đ þ (đ ~ Skellan ð)

  • /p pʰ b f m/ b p ƀ f m
  • /t tʰ d θ n/ d t đ þ n
  • /k kʰ g x ŋ/ g c ǥ ç ñ
  • /s ts z ʃ tʃ h/ s ts z x tx h
  • /w l r j ʰl ʰr/ ł l r j ll rr


  1. 1st shift:
    • ae/ái ao ói úi > ɒe æ: oe ui
  2. 2nd shift:
    • ɒɪ æ: > oɪ iə
    • i: u: > aɪ aʊ
    • e: o: > i: u:
    • ɑ: > e:
  3. 3rd shift:
    • aɪ aʊ > ɒɪ æ: again



Some nouns pluralize by i-umlaut: e.g. hmoob /hmu:b/ 'person' > hmeeb /hmi:b/ 'people'.