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Modern Qualdomelic has a duodecimal number system because of [[Chlouvānem]] influence, which completely replaced the earlier, decimal one: only the roots from 1 to Ɛ, optionally 10<sub>12</sub>, and the old number 100<sub>10</sub> (''qọlbră'' , which nowadays is not a numeral anymore, but simply a noun meaning "a lot of", "a large quantity") survive. However, most numerals are hybrids of native roots (for the units) and Chlouvānem ones (for the dozens and other powers of 12).
As for types of numerals distinguished, Qualdomelic has cardinals, ordinals (analytic from Ɛ on; they double as fractionaries, with only ½ having a separate root), and distributives (analytic, formed by reduplication). Numbers from 1 to 5 also have adverbial numerals (once, twice, three times...).

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