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About me

Hi everyone, I'm lili21 from Milan, Lombardy, living in [a Piedmontese-speaking part of] Liguria, northwestern Italy.

Languages and linguistics are my main interests; I’m currently studying Modern Languages and Cultures and I’ve been conlanging since early 2014 (actually I had created some languages earlier but they were little more than relexes of Italian), after falling in love with linguistics, mostly thanks to randomly reading online about Ancient Greek. I started conlanging in order to give better detail to my conworld, Calémere (adj. Calemerian), whose earliest draft I started around that time, early-mid 2014, and all of my non-scrapped conlangs so far except two (Tameï and Atlantic, both set on Earth, the former a priori, the latter an attempt at a posteriori romlanging) are set there. Chlouvānem, my most developed conlang, is one of the two lingue franche of Calémere.

Conworlding aside but still talking about languages I’m mainly interested in historical linguistics, in the evolution of Indo-European languages, particularly Slavic ones, and in Gallo-Italic and Indo-Aryan languages. I speak Lombard, Italian, English, and German, plus I'm studying Russian and Portuguese, and have been learning, unconstantly (with an abundant amount of procrastination) and with no noteworthy results, various other languages I like such as Danish, Sanskrit, or Hungarian.

My conlangs

  • Abandoned conlangs
    • Laceyiam (a priori, earlier version of Chlouvānem) (aband. 11-2016)
    • Wendlandish (a posteriori romlang turned jokelang) (aband. 01-2018)