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About me

Hi, I’m lili21 and I’m a conlanger in the twenties, currently working mostly on two conlangs: Dundulanyä (a priori) and Lifashian (a posteriori, Indo-European). My best-developed conlangs on this site are Chlouvānem (a conlang I consider finished, part of the conworld Calémere) and Atlantic (Romlang, a dormant project).

Concerning languages, I’m mostly interested in historical linguistics, in the evolution of Indo-European languages, particularly Romance and Slavic ones, and in Gallo-Italic languages. I’m also interested in various other things like literature, geography, history, anthropology, ecology, and urbanism.
I'm asymmetrically bilingual in Italian and Lombard, and I also speak English, Portuguese, Russian, and German to various degrees, and can understand very basic French, Ligurian, Spanish, Danish, and Swedish (in decreasing order).

My conlangs

Conlangs in bold are those that I am actively developing (or will work on in the foreseeable future; as of December 5, 2021):