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{{Infobox country| styleconventional_long_name ="float:right; font-size: 88%; border-spacing: 2px; border: 1px solid darkgray; text-align: left”|+ <big>'''The Communist Republic of Qualdomailor|native_name = '''</big>! scope="row" | Native name| iă njăwțarnẹdarficu niă nnăaqappartut căiši Cwaldeumăjlor''|-common_name = Qualdomailor|image_flag = Flag of Qualdomailor.png! scope|alt_flag ="row" Flag of the CRQ| Capitalnational_anthem = The Song of Xixac| capital = Cănțe Inarviut|-largest_city = Arvallivăt! scope|official_languages ="row" Qualdomelic| Ethnic groupsregional_languages = [[Chlouvānem]] <small>''(South)''</small>| ethnic_groups = 81,5% Qualdomelic <small>(''cwaldewmẹljăd'')</small> 81,5%<br/> 17% Chlouvānem <small>(''țẹnwhanem'')</small> 17%<br/>others 1,5%others|-! scopeethnic_groups_year ="row" | Religion(386ᘔ <small>(6418<sub>10</sub>)</small> census)| religion = 96% Yunyalīlti <small>(''junjăliltărfic'')</small> 96%<br/>others 4%others|-demonym = Qualdomelic! scope|government_type ="row" | Nationwide official languageSingle-party presidential republic| Qualdomelicleader_title1 = General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party|-leader_name1 = Răjultiq Mittuk jamhni Whăngeă<! scope-- |sovereignty_type = Brief description of country/territory's status ("Independence [from...]"row, "Autonomous province [of...]" , etc)|sovereignty_note = -->| Other languagesestablished_event1 = Unification under the King of Cănțe Inarviut| [[Chlouvānem]] established_date1 = 3698 <small>''(regional, South6164<sub>10</sub>)''</small>|-established_event2 = Establishment of the Communist Republic|established_date2 = 37Ɛ4 <small>(6328<sub>10</sub>)</small><! scope-- |area_rank ="row" ?| Demonymarea_magnitude=TBA| Qualdomelic; area_footnote = <ref>Natively cited as 43.ᘔ1.Ɛ20 e <small>(12,901,128<sub>10</sub>)</small>Qua:1 e (''ekram'') = 1,12 km<sup>2</sup> = 0,43 mi<sup>2</sup>.</smallref> cwaldewmẹljăd{{convert|14,449,263.36|km2|sqmi|abbr=on}} --><! scope-- |percent_water ="row" | Areapopulation_estimate = | ~TBApopulation_estimate_rank = |population_estimate_year = -->! scope|population_census ="row" | Population| 39,838,427 <small>(Ɛ<sub>12</sub>)</small>|population_census_year = 386ᘔ <small>(6418<sub>10</sub>)</small> census)<!-- |population_density_km2 = 101.72|population_density_sq_mi = 263.46 --><! scope-- |population_density_rank ="row" | Population densityGini = (Gini measure of income inequality; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 100)| ~TBAGini_ref = (for any ref/s to associate with Gini number)|-Gini_rank = ! scope|Gini_year ="row" | Government| Single-party presidential republicHDI_year = Please use the year to which the data refers, not the publication year|-HDI = (Human Development Index; input number only; valid values are between 0 and 1)| <div styleHDI_change ="text-align: center">General Secretary of the<br/>Central Committee of the<br increase/>Communist Party<decrease/div>steady; rank change from previous year| Răjultiq Mittuk jamhni WhăngeăHDI_rank = |HDI_ref = (for any ref/s to associate with HDI number) -->! scope|currency ="row" Qualdomelic Qennguk (QQE)| Time zonetime_zone = [[#Time_zones| LIL−3 (]] Qualdomelic Time)<br/><small>''(CER+9:53′40″)''</small>|-! scopedrives_on ="row" | Currency| Qennguk|-! scope="row" | Drives on the| left|-! scopecalling_code ="row" | Calling code| +840|}}
'''Qualdomailor''' (natively ''Cwaldewmăjlor'' [kwaɫdɛʊ̯ˈməɪ̯lor]), officially the '''Communist Republic of Qualdomailor''' (''iă nJăwțarnẹdarficu niă nNăaqappartut căiši Cwaldeumăjlor'' [iə̯ ˌnjəʊ̯tsarˌnɛdarˈfiku niə̯ nːəaˌqapparˈtut kəˈiʃɪ kwaɫdɛʊ̯ˈməɪ̯lor]), is a country in central Márusúturon, a continent of Calémere. It borders, clockwise from the north, Ylvostydh, Brono, and the Chlouvānem Inquisition; its western borders are maritime, on the Skyrdegan Inner Sea, more precisely the two inlets called Western Sea (''ivulit căd ittungaq'', a.k.a. High Ivulit in Chlouvānem sources) and (its southernmost part) Southern Passage Gulf (''ciswulit căd allațeă sa nănngiup'', a.k.a. Little Ivulit), which divide it from the countries of Leny-tḥewe, Ebed-dowa, and Oempras. Most of its current borders are mountainous, with the country's highest peak, Mount Šuvăṛuc (''păsjănngul Šuvăṛuc''; <small>[[Chlouvānem|Chl.]]: ''šūlābdeyān ga ñariāh''</small>), on the Chlouvānem border and very close to the tripoint with Brono, being 3.ᘔƐ2 pā (6758<sub>10</sub> = about 7021.5 m) high.

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