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==External History==
Qualdomelic is a revived version of what I consider my first ever "serious" conlang (that is, not a relex), which I created in March 2014 - along with my first conworld sketch I used the name Calémere<ref>Then still spelled "Kalémere".</ref> for - and was called Valdimelic (''Hvaldeimήḷta'' in the orthography I used back then) - conworld-wise, it was Chlouvānem but about fifteen versions before the current one. While, after four years, I can safely say that in my original Valdimelic there were many too naïf elements and a bit of kitchen-sinkyness here and there, in the end there was something in its sound I liked and therefore, in February 2018, I decided to "revive" it (even if apart from a few lexical items it is, grammar-wise, a totally different language) and use it to replace ''saKalurilut'', a long-standing language in my conworld but which was too much of a Kalaallisut giblang to be justified after all those years. Its place in Calémere and a few words are thus taken from saKalurilut. As far as aesthetics are concerned, I replaced many of the too much Greek-looking words, as well as ēta and ōmega (but I kept gamma for /ɣ/) of the original Valdimelic, as well as those ideas that still survive in some way in Chlouvānem, with an aesthetic mostly inspired by Romanian, with hints of Irish, Yoruba (mainly ''ẹ'' and ''ọ''), and that beautiful Māori ''wh''.

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