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These are the main prepositions in Bźatga. They are invariably Generally speaking, when the preposition denotes location it is followed by the Nom-Acc. of nouns and pronouns, but when it denotes movement it is followed by the Oblique Gen-Dat. of nouns and the Dat. of pronouns.Appropriate cases are given below.
* ''a'' "of, from"(GD)* ''abe'' "around, about, concerning"(NA or GD)* ''are'' "before, beside"(NA and GD)* ''cate'' "with, by" (instrumental) (GD)* ''paće'' "to"* ''eća'' "out, outsidethrough"
* ''e'' "in, into, within"
* ''eća'' "out, outside" (NA or GD)
* ''jatra'' "between, among" (NA or GD)
* ''oca'' "near, by, at"
* ''jatrapa'' "betweento, until"(GD)
* ''saule'' "like"
* ''seugusebu'' "without"
* ''tra'' "across"
* ''će'' "through"* ''vjezu'' "with" (comitative) (NA)* ''vona'' "under, below, beneath"(NA or GD)* ''vor'' "on, over, above"(NA or GD)* ''vret'' "against"(NA)
Note the distinction between ''cate'', used in phrases such as ''ezsemi cate ĺeju'' "I ate with a spoon", ''zlaźsoreje cate vjalu'' "they were killed by a wolf"; and ''vjezu'', used in phrases like ''ezsemi vjezu braģi mi'' "I ate with my brother".

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