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|name = Qualdomelic
|nativename = cwaldeumẹlj
|pronunciation = {{IPA|[kwaɫdɛʊ̯ˈmɛʎ]}}
|region = Central Márusúturon (Qualdomailor)
|ethnicity = Qualdomelic
The '''Qualdomelic language''' (natively ''toj cwaldeumẹlj'' {{IPA|[tɔɪ̯ kwaɫdɛʊ̯ˈmɛʎ] }} or, in full, ''toj cwaldeumẹlj toj γrămaț'' {{IPA|[- tɔɪ̯ ɣɾəˈmats]}}) is a language spoken on the planet of [[Verse:Calémere|Calémere]], native language of virtually all people in ''Qualdomailor'' (Qua.: ''Cwaldewmăjlor''), a country in central Márusúturon, where it is the only nationwide official language<ref>Chlouvānem and a few minority languages are co-official in some regions.</ref>, and also by some minority in the northwestern [[Verse:Chlouvānem Inquisition|Chlouvānem Inquisition]] (the country Qualdomailor shares half of its land border with), far western Brono and Ylvostydh (the other two neighboring countries on land), as well as in Leñ-ṱef, Ebed-dowa, Oempras (all three divided from Qualdomailor by the ''Western Sea'' (in Qua. ''ivulit căd ittungaq''), as well as some diaspora communities in other parts of the former Kaiṣamā (notably in Nerekton), in Greater Skyrdagor, and also in the West.<br/>There are about 40 million native Qualdomelic speakers, the vast majority in Qualdomailor.<br/>
It belongs to the Samaidulic language family (Qua.: ''tăjț samăjdul tăjț γrămaț''), more specifically to the Western Samaidulic languages - it is thus distantly related to another major language of the area, the Eastern Samaidulic [[Brono-Fathanic]].
'''Qualdomailor''' (natively ''Cwaldewmăjlor'' {{IPA|[kwaɫdɛʊ̯ˈməɪ̯lor]}}), officially the '''Communist Republic of Qualdomailor''' (''iă nJăwțarnẹdarficu niă nNăaqappartut căiši Cwaldeumăjlor'' {{IPA|[iə̯ ˌnjəʊ̯tsarˌnɛdarˈfiku niə̯ nːəaˌqapparˈtut kəˈiʃɪ kwaɫdɛʊ̯ˈməɪ̯lor]}}), is a country in central Márusúturon, a continent of Calémere. It borders, clockwise from the north, Ylvostydh, Brono, and the Chlouvānem Inquisition; its western borders are maritime, on the Skyrdegan Inner Sea, more precisely the two inlets called Western Sea (''ivulit căd ittungaq'', a.k.a. High Ivulit in Chlouvānem sources) and (its southernmost part) Southern Passage Gulf (''ciswulit căd allațeă sa nănngiup'', a.k.a. Little Ivulit), which divide it from the countries of Leñ-ṱef, Ebed-dowa, and Oempras. Most of its current borders are mountainous, with the country's highest peak, Mount Šuvăṛuc (''păsjănngul Šuvăṛuc'' or ''nărja Šuvăṛuc''; <small>[[Chlouvānem|Chl.]]: ''šūlābdeyān ga ñaryāh''</small>), on the Chlouvānem border and very close to the tripoint with Brono, being 3.ᘔƐ2 pā (6758<sub>10</sub> = about 7021.5 m) high.
Qualdomailor lies almost entirely between latitudes 30° and 39°N, and mostly has a mediterranean climate; its southernmost point is just about one mile south of the 30th parallel north. The country may be divided, thanks to its various mountain chains, in three distinct zones: the Arănngallaq plain, along the Vălțẹšp river, which lies in the central-northern part of the country and is its most densely populated part; the long but narrow western coast; and the central highlands, which are river basins that ultimately all drain into the western coast through two major rivers - the Qasivănnẹq in the central part and the Ọrăisărpiq in the far south<ref>The final stretch of the Ọrăisărpiq river (in Chl. ''Årayīsarpīka ga maita''), after the canyons, also marks a small section of the border between Qualdomailor and the Chlouvānem Inquisition.</ref> - that cut through the mountains in impressive canyon systems.<br/>The two largest cities, Cănțe Inarviut ("City of the East", the capital), and Arvallivăt ("Red Castle"), lie in the Arănngallaq plain.
Notable instances of allophony:
* {{IPA|/r/ }} is {{IPA|[ɾ] }} after consonants (e.g. ''γrămaț'' "language" {{IPA|[ɣɾəˈmats]}});* {{IPA|/l/ }} is {{IPA|[ɫ] ]} before consonants (e.g. ''mălpa'' "room" {{IPA|[ˈməɫpa]}}) and geminate {{IPA|/ll/ }} is {{IPA|[ɬː] }} (e.g. ''Arvallivăt'' {{IPA|[arˈvaɬːivət]}}).
Note that the Chlouvānem phoneme /ɴ̆/ '''l''' is typically adapted in Qualdomelic as /q/ word-initially and as /ŋ/ otherwise; however, in many Yunyalīlti religious words it is adapted as /l/.
* u-: /uə̯/ '''uă'''
Hiatuses are usually permitted - see e.g. ''căiši'' "<small>N/M.PL/F.PL</small> of" {{IPA|/kəˈiʃi/}}, ''nănngiup'' "passage" {{IPA|/nəŋːiˈup/}}.
Stress is phonemic and unmarked in the orthography. The most common position is on the penultimate (e.g. ''vẹfnăro'' "sleep" {{IPA|/vɛʊ̯ˈnəro/}}; ''cwalăš'' "apple" {{IPA|/ˈkwaləʃ/}}), but words ending in stops or affricates are usually stressed on the last syllable (e.g. ''γrămaț'' "language" {{IPA|/ɣrəˈmats/}}, ''ivulit'' "sea" {{IPA|/ivuˈlit/}}).
Compound stress is usually on the last element, but if the last element is stressed on the first syllable and the preceding element is stressed on the last, then the last syllable of the penultimate element is stressed - as in the toponym ''Arvallivăt'' {{IPA|/arˈvallivət/ }} from ''arvan'' {{IPA|/arˈvan/ }} "red" and ''livăt'' {{IPA|/ˈlivət/ }} "castle" (the latter among the few common words ending in a stop which are not stressed on the last syllable).

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