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Formatting of tables

Hi Mocha! I would like to advise you not to use the <table> formatting for tables. It is not very compatible with our code or design. :/ Además, the code occupies more space than the one you used for listing your phonology. :) Sincerely, Waahlis.png Waahlis 20:49, 28 March 2013 (CET)


Oh, forgot two things! Firstly, the correct terminology for "orthology" is "orthography"! Secondly you've written the following:

[...]there are only 22 letters, not more. Accents do not count separate letters, although they sound different.'

I would advise you to express it: There are 34 phonemes written with 22 letters and 12 accentuated letters. Accentuated letters do not count as proper letters.

This is fits the jargon and conlanging terminology better. The phonemes are the different sounds present in the language, whilst letters (or graphemes) are the representations. :)

Hope it helps! Sincerely, Waahlis.png Waahlis 20:57, 28 March 2013 (CET)