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Jeg hedder Darthme

I'm a small-time conlanger, most of my serious conlangs are a posteriori, in which i like to take a pairing of languages and see what they would sound like mashed together.

I speak English and Danish, and therefore also can converse with Norwegians (more in writing than in person), and I can understand written Swedish. If a Norwegian or Swede speaks slowly I might be able to pick up more. I also spoke German, but it's become mixed with my Danish and I've forgotten a lot of grammar, so I can basically only read it now.

I also have plans to learn Afrikaans someday (I find it cooler than Dutch even though they're almost the same), and I've thought about learning Spanish or Portuguese.


Alska is my first conlang, and is therefore very conservative. It went through many changes, first from an odd-germanic based language with asinine grammar and phonology, to a more stable Nordic language, although I decided after a while that it needed a spelling reform and a basis. The Alska you see today is intended to be a Esperanto-like lingua franca for the Nordic Countries, even though it looks very similar to Danish/Norwegian. I've attempted to simplify the grammar even more and extend and restrict the phonology to the sounds that are commonly found in all three mainland Nordic languages.

Buerkáns is my newest language, and attempts to invent a new Germanic language based on a blending of German, Afrikaans, and Danish.

Fejãto is not quite finished or fully thought-out. I am just playing around with phonology and new grammar rules here. It has a ver 'messy' sounding phonology, with lots of frictaves.