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Almost the same as our Earth timeline but with some added languages:

  • Thedish, in parts of North America
  • Sino-Tiberian, in the Himalayas and California
  • Medh Chêl, in the East of England
  • Kyravar Maři, a Balkan sprachbund Dravidian language
  • A North African Bantu language
  • Vinnish, a Norse descendant spoken in Canada
  • Crannish, in North America, England, Wales and France
  • Ilithian and Zauhi, in Sri Lanka



"How can I evolve retroflexes? Let me count the ways"

British Isles

Same features as in our timeline

South Asian

Same features as in our timeline; includes Palkhan

Southeast Asian

Includes Samanasphuore and Far East Semitic


Includes Justin Wieber?


Thedish cuisine: a kind of pan-Mediterranean cuisine


The usual ones, plus Homaranism and Medh Chêl druidism

Liturgical languages: the usual ones plus Esperanto and Medh Chêl

Historical figures