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"Vinskt mâl"

zh for r from PGmc z? both r and zh can sound like the Greenlandic r

q found in Inuit loans and random changes in Norse?

þ -> t change can be complete as in Faroese; đ sometimes becomes l

preserves and standardizes verb conjugations with clitic pronouns like -tu/-u for 2sg and -k for 1sg; officially VSO from insular Celtic influence?

Mainland Scandinavian-style nominal declension levelling but weird -- some nouns pluralize in m or with u-umlaut and no suffix?


Some differences between Esperanto as we know it and Lõisian Esperanto:

  • Pronouns are mi, ci, ri, ni, vi, ili, oni
  • Transitive verbs in transitive-intransitive pairs are always marked with a causative; the passive for these verbs is used for changes of state.
  • -icho is standard for specifically masculine nouns.
  • more noun cases (ergative at least)