First Linguifex Relay

The First Linguifex Relay ran from September 4 to September 10, spanning six different languages (Valian, Cwengâr, Rigwayavo, Harākti, Kiwi, Themsaran) and many language families.

The original text was provided by User:Chrysophylax in his conlang Valian and dealt with the passing of time, the changing of seasons and the anthropomorphic Winter figure.

Saola Peadid – The Lovebirds' Song

An entry has been created for the original Valian text with a canonical English translation at Literature:Lovebirds' Song. A quick overview and comparison of all the texts is available here.

Original relay page

The First Linguifex Relay is the first game of conlang relay, or conlingual telephone, on the Linguifex wiki. It started on Wednesday 4th of September 2013. The source text will be provided by user Chrysophylax and will be written in his latest conlang Valian. Currently we have a total of six slots. The procedure is simple, you will receive a conlang text from the previous torch with an interlinear/gloss and then you will translate it into your conlang and add information so that the next torch can decipher it and translate their version! You will have 48 hours from the time of having received the text to prepare a translation of it into your conlang, gloss it and then send it to the next person in the chain. You are free to include either a glossary and grammar notes or an interlinear (or both!), the choice is up to you.

In the event that you fail to pass on the torch within your allotted 48 hours, the torch will "jump" over your slot to the next participant.

The date will be set after the slots have been filled. Everyone is welcome to partake, but for reasons of convenience, an account on Linguifex is required (as the posting of the material will be on talk pages and such). Every person is restricted to one entry, but the choice of conlang is up to them. In the case that two people chose the same language, a first-come first-served basis will be adopted (unless, say the language creator chooses to join in).

The relay was set to start at Wednesday, 4th of September, 1:20 AM CEST, and was finished at Tuesday, 10th of September, and contained one forfeited turn.


  • slot 1 - Chrysophylax - relay starter, source text will be in Valian
  • slot 2 - Fauxlosophe - relay second, generally awesome human person, will translate into Cwengâr
  • slot 3 - Zev - relay third, will translate into Rigwayavo (partly because I'm lazy, partly to troll everyone else)
  • slot 4 - Ashucky - relay fourth, undecided as of yet but will probably translate to Harākti
  • slot 5 - Waahlis - relay fifth, obviously. Translating into Kiwi
  • slot 6 - Ílchőfti Lēmáthīd - relay sixth, who just woke up only knowing that he is a feeble scribe of "Curiosity", will translate into Themsaran
  • slot 7 - EmperorZelos - translating to Umbrean - Forfeited turn.


Once you've received the conlang text with glosses and all and you've managed to translate it into your conlang and you have glossed it (try to include an interlinear gloss), then you may come to this list, see who's next after you and go onto their talk page. Create a new topic called "First Linguifex Relay"; use the template {{subst:tagtorch|First Linguifex Relay|YourUserName|~~~~}} and add a link to the text you've glossed/written. If all has gone correctly, it should look something like this.

  This user is currently the torch bearer for First Linguifex Relay and was handed it on 16:46, 1 September 2013 (CEST) by test-edit. The torch will automagically pass on to the next relay member in 48 hours.

Remember to update this page with a link to your translation after the relay is finished. The relay will be deemed finished when the starter has re-translated back the last node.