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Tricin (Clofabosin for 'world') is a grab-bag conworld by User:Praimhín and User:IlL containing many conlangs that are spoofs or natlang gibberish, mainly:

Geographical and personal names will often contain jokes as well.


  • Etalocin (equatorial)
  • Cualand (north of Etalocin, Quelocin in Clofabosin) - homeland of Clofabic



  • Clofabosin
  • Dodellic
    • Dodellian
    • Lanyotian
  • Fursfop
  • Pulchric
    • Gussnish
    • Paleiat
    • !Zoom-Fóõ
      • !Zoom
      • Vavoom
      • Fóõ
    • Luminic
      • Luminese (in a sprachbund with Fóõ)
  • Ksieh
  • Zlïke


  • Yacavestu
  • Zzean
  • Gloobic
  • Thackish
  • Scrouse
  • Whāso
  • Zwutal -- uncanny Korean
    • m n (allophonically ng) p pp ph t tt th k kk kh h l
    • z zz tz ttz tzh s ss ts tts tsh x xx tx ttx txh
  • a i u e eo eu (ya ye yi yu yeo wa we wi weo)


Irquhatūraṃ in Thensarian, Inkhwadoon in Rencadian

  • Berctanic
  • Irquhadoonic
    • Sioaued
    • Vruchma
    • Nabblie
  • An Bhlaoighne
  • An Old Irish giblang with con·doircet, ·connaircet for 'they face off in a two-way race'



The Thensarian name for this continent is Mintōn, gen. Mintōnis (Thengkha Mintôn). Mintonian languages usually have a small segmental inventory and many tones. Amkima, Ditab and Andarin are the classical languages of Mintonia.