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clofabolocin  (Clofabosin)
Flag of Clofabolocin
Coat of arms
Anthem: cefditoren ('This Ditoren')
and largest city
Official languages Clofabosin
Demonym Clofabian
Government Federal parliamentary representative democracy
Currency redan (℞)

Clofabolocin (Clofabosin for 'great river land') is a country in southern Etalocin. It borders Dodellia.

Its capital and largest city is Streptomycin.


Coat of arms: something with the Rod of Asclepius


The anthem can be performed in many different ways. It can be sung as a church-like hymn in E major.

\relative c'' {
  \clef treble
  \key e \major
  \time 10/4 
gis4 a cis b b a gis8 (a b a) gis2\fermata 
b4 cis e dis cis b cis2 dis\fermata
b4 b cis dis e cis b (gis) a2\fermata 
a8 (b) cis (e) cis4 a b cis a (b) gis2\fermata
e'4 e e dis cis dis b (cis) dis2\fermata
fis4 fis fis gis fis e dis8 (cis b dis) cis2\fermata
e4 e8 (dis) cis4 b a a8 (gis) a4 (b) cis2\fermata
dis4 e dis8 (cis) b4 a cis b8 (a gis a) gis2\fermata}
\addlyrics { 
cef -- di -- to -- ren ru -- pa -- li -- mab,
zi -- ru -- ve -- nin co -- na -- li -- mab,
a -- pi -- za -- nol vac -- to -- le -- pin,
bo -- ra -- ce -- nol se -- pra -- buc -- tan,
so -- xa -- pla -- tril pe -- lo -- nos -- van,
clo -- fa -- bol cam -- po -- tril ra -- xin,
Pi -- cu -- me -- nol em -- pa -- lo -- cib
pred -- am -- pa -- fib bu -- ti -- li -- mab. }
    \header {
      title = "cefditoren"


cefditoren rupalimab,
ziruvenin conalimab,
apizanol vactolepin,
boracenol seprabuctan,
soxaplatril pelonosvan,
clofabol campotril raxin,
Picumenol empalocib
predampafib butilimab.

May This Ditoren

May this ditoren (an instrument) be heard,
The beautiful enin (a bird) be seen,
The sweetness of the apizan (a fruit),
The fragrant buctan (a flower) of the forest,
The gentle breezes of the north,
The cooling waters of the Clofabin (the river),
Be felt by every soul in the homeland of Picumen (a historical figure).

Place names

  • Streptomycin, Azithromycin, Kanamycin, Natamycin, Neomycin, Vancomycin
  • Clentiazem, Diltiazem, Iprotiazem, Nictiazem, Siratiazem


Clofabians used to be multi-ethnic pagans who worshipped gods such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis, Amgen, Genentech, or Teva. Today the overwhelming majority of Clofabians are either irreligious or Ngronaists, and pagan god names (most often in corrupted form) are most commonly used as swear words in modern Clofabosin.



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