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dʰóódʰelo wisedʰés
Setting Verse:Tricin
Region Etalocin
Language family
  • Dodellian
Writing system Dodellian alphabet
ISO 639-3

Dodellian (native name dʰóódʰelo wisedʰés) is one of the two official languages of Dodellia (the other being Clofabosin). It's inspired phonologically by PIE and Algonquian languages, and its grammar is head-marking and head-final like Turkic languages.

It is related to Shalian.

ǵʰyél "house"

h₂owbʰés ǵʰyelíí "the king's house"



p b bʰ t d dʰ ḱ ǵ ǵʰ k g gʰ kʷ gʷ gʷʰ s ś h₁ h₂ h₃ l r m n w y /pʰ p~b bʰ tʰ t~d dʰ cɕʰ cɕ~ɟʑ ɟʑʰ kʰ k~g gʰ kʷʰ kʷ~gʷ gʷʰ s ɕ h χ xʷ l r m n w j/


e o ee oo i u ii uu ei ou eu oi /ɛ ɔ~ə~ʌ æ: ɑ: ɪ ʊ i: u: ɛi ɔu œy ʌi/

Acute accents mark lexical stress.



TODO: consonant and vowel stem endings

There are two accusative cases, depending on whether the patient is affected or undergoes a change of state because of the verb.

neséh₃t 'tree'
Topic neséh₃tin
Nominative neséh₃toow
Accusative (non-patient) neséh₃t
Accusative (patient) neséh₃todʰ
Illative neséh₃tih₁e
Inessive neséh₃teel
Elative neséh₃teeleś
Allative/Dative neséh₃tih₁enh₂
Adessive neséh₃teenh₂
Ablative neséh₃teenh₂eś
Instrumental/Comitative neséh₃toobʰ
Essive neséh₃tiǵʰ
Translative neséh₃tenḱ
Abessive neséh₃temeh₃k

Pronominal suffixes

Possession and/or direct objects:

  • -ól: 1sg
  • -ókʷ: 2sg formal
  • -íí: 3sg
  • -isyé: 1pl
  • -ih₁yér: 2pl, 2sg informal
  • -édʰo: 3pl
  • ǵʰyelól = my house
  • ǵʰyelókʷ = your house
  • ǵʰyelíí = his/her house
  • ǵʰyelisyé = our house
  • ǵʰyelih₁yér = your house
  • ǵʰyelédʰo = their house