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The countries of the Bitaleta (Talma, Etalocin, and Bjeheond) area

Etalocin (/ɛ'tæləsɪn/ eh-TAL-uh-sin; Clofabosin: etalocin /'etalokin/; Skellan: Eþa /ˈɛθə/) is a cultural region located to the east and southeast of Talma.

Geography and climate

The bulk of Etalocin is a tropical region consisting predominantly of savanna. The geography of northern Etalocin is dominated by the Clofabin River. Etalocin's geography makes it a spread zone like central and northern Asia. There are two major countries: the larger Dodellia and the smaller Clofabolocin.


Linguistically Etalocin is dominated by Clofabosin. Windermere, Anbirese, Tergetian, and Skellan are spoken by expatriates.

Minority languages:

  • Lakovic languages. Some vowel inventories (possibly with length): a e i o; a e o; a i o; e i o u (as in arapaho); a eo i eu u; a i u ā ī ū (arabic-proto-lakes-plain hybrid gib)
  • Qqqwasalil /xwasalil/: an isolate
  • Other Dodellic langs -- e.g. Verapamil


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Science and technology

Dodellia is at the forefront of research on green energy and carbon-negative technology.

Famous figures

  • Arformoterol Ziagen - Clofabian mathematician and composer
  • Ergosterol Aleve - Clofabian nurse, pioneered modern nursing
  • Tdap Ativan - Clofabian lexicographer and novelist