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Pategian (nủtufỉxi, from nủtu 'Pategian' + fỉxi 'language') is a Pategic language spoken by the Pategian people in Tricin.

It is inspired by Welsh, Hungarian, and classical IE languages (Latin, Greek and Avestan).

Numbers: mál sebb khí ádoc vóx fúz ilem látc kudd rhó


Pategian has 4 main dialects:

  • Tảmrỏna
  • Fathrẩc
  • Kẻlet
  • Ảnfihẻzi



p t ts tc k b d dz dq g ph th s c kh h f x z q m n l r lh rh j

/p t ts tʃ k b d dz dʒ g f θ s ʃ x h v ð z ʒ m n l r ɬ rʰ j/


a â e i o u y ả ẩ ẻ ỉ ỏ ủ ỷ /a ɑ e i o u ɨ a: ɑ: e: i: o: u: ɨ:/

Pitch accent

Old Pategian had a pitch accent in long vowels which could be rising (written ả) or falling (written ạ). The distinction is neutralized in Modern Pategian.


No initial clusters, geminates allowed

Stress follows the Dreimorengesetz.



Most ancient Pategian poetry was written in flexible quantitative meters reminiscent of Vedic Sanskrit, but a few authors have experimented with the stricter quantitative meters used in Sowaár poetry. Stress-accentual meters and rhyming unmetric verse, influenced by Windermere poetry, are also common.