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Reconstruction ofYeldhic
Region"Bauba", Quartenary Radael[1]
Era10,000 UH-3,000 UH
Lower-order reconstructions
  • Proto-Gadaïc
  • Proto-Ilda-Maranösic
  • Paleoyeldhic
  • Proto-Ossic
  • Proto-Ulmic

Proto-Yeldhic is a reconstructed proto-language of the Yeldhic language family. It is the ultimate root of 86% of Talkochian languages, and is the equivalent of Proto-Indo-European in real life.

The proto-language originates in the work of Arnic linguist Môhwod ða-Téfir, who first formulated the Yeldha Language Theory, which proposed that many very different languages in Talkoch actually descended from one singular language family, which he called the Yeldhic language family after Ancient Yeldha, which he initially believed was the original source of the Yeldhic languages, although he eventually changed his mind.

Although the theory was initially ridiculed, fellow Tiragii linguist and calligrapher Dól-Pŷçkevç began to find a lot of evidence supporting Téfir's theory. Eventually, Téfir was on his deathbed, and he doubled down on his theory by collaborating with Pŷçkevç as well as other prominent linguists to form the first version of Proto-Yeldhic. Shortly after Téfir's death, the Késkéanya Fûhraritat, the linguistic authority of his home country of Arnah, finally accepted the theory as "very probable".

The main evidence towards the Proto-Yeldhic hypothesis is mostly described in Téfir's initial work on the subject, written in Moshurian and published in Taráhus due to political instability in his home country, the Tezyém Yéleduhir. In short, Téfir observed that several morphological, phonemic and phonetic similarities could be found within his proposed Yeldhic family of languages.


The idea of a universal Yeldhic language was floated around for centuries, with the Ildan cosmopolitans, led by Iptor, first theorising a sort of "umbrella language"(vloskās danibāsku) in 1900 BH, so as to unite the many languages of Ilda and Maranösia.

As such, though Téfir's work is the most cited and the most detailed and probable, there are many variations of what one could consider an attempted "Proto-Yeldhic" language, both before and after Téfir.

Zeror's variation

While in the Ildasia secret society, Zeror came upon Iptor's work on the umbrella language, known as the Glossology(Ilda: vloskātia). Intrigued by the cosmopolitan's research, after further researching other languages, he wrote his own Glossology in 191 UH, further developing Iptor's original idea. However, Zeror, though talented, was also quite biased, and thus his Glossology was heavily inspired by Ilda, without really taking into account other languages, save for the reconstructed word here and there.

However, though his work was flawed, it did set the precedent for the development of Proto-languages in Radael. For example, conventions such as marking reconstructed words with an asterisk(*) originates in Zeror's Glossology, as well as even the entire concept of comparative reconstruction to find the original root of a word.

For example, the word *vudas, meaning "sheep", was reconstructed from Ilda usda and Vulgar Maranz vodvadas. The Téfir equivalent of the word is *hwejt₂u. Though seemingly a radically different word, some aspects that Zeror noticed were factored in, such as a fricative at the beginning and a plosive before the final vowel.

Udas li Tasanqās

Here is the first sentence of Schleicher's fable in Zeror's Proto-Yeldhic:

Vudas, *ediq astama ketwe, aboldois tasanqās, idi ta lo tisinois *ōbeqe badugat, idi ta lo *kuntasolois *doṉsa gotuik li idi ta lo *kuntasolois tumuei *kitil.



Labial Dental Coronal Dorsal Glottal
Alveolar Post-alveolar Velar Palatal Uvular
Plosive pulmonic *p *b *t₂ *d₂ *t *d *k *g *c *q *g₂
aspirated *pʰ *bʰ *t₂ʰ *d₂ʰ *tʰ *dʰ *kʰ *gʰ *qʰ *g₂ʰ
Nasal *m (*ɱ) *n *ng
Fricative pulmonic *þ *ð *s *z *š *ž *x *ɣ *h
palatalised *ś *ź
*w *l *y









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  1. ^ Hypothetical land before Radael.