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Conditional sentences states that for one event to be true or occuring another one must be fullfilled prior to it. "If it rains the plants need no water"

General thing for the if clause in umbrean is that the condition is initiated with "Uuts" while the result is initiated with "Im"

Generalizations Conditional sentences expresses factual things that always occur, "If water is heated to 10 degrees it boils" and the If can be replaced with "when" or "whenever".

They are constructed by using the Base Causum-indicative form of the verb to mark the condition that must be true prior to the result, while the result is in base plerum-indicative.

Hypothetical Conditional sentence expresses a hypothetical situation that could be possible

Hypothetical conditionals occure when you speak of things that are possible yet known to not be true as of the moment. "If I clean the plates, will i get a penny?"

The condition is always in base subjunctive while the tempus can be any but causum, historal causum, consequentum or futurm consequenta, the result is in abilative futurum consequenta-optative

Factual Conditional sentence can be divided into two categories, wether the speaker deem the consequence or result to be likely or unlikely from the initial condition. But both state in a factual manner that if the condition is met the result will follow.

If it is likely to be true the construction is Base past initio-indicative for the condition but the result is in gerundive futurum consequenta optative.

If it is unlikely to be true the construction is abilative causum-indicative for the condition but the result is in hypothetical initio subjunctive.

Contra-factual sentence expresses a situation against known facts. "If Kennedy wasn't shot by X he was shot by Y"

Consrtuction is that the condition is in Base Historal Causum, Subjunctive while the result is Hypothetical Ingressus Subjunctive.

Kind Condition Result
Tempus Mood Modality Tempus Mood Modality
Generalizations Causum Indicative Base Plerum Indicative Base
Hypothetical Any but H.Causum, Causum
Consequenta, F.Consequenta
Subjunctive Base Futurm Consequenta Optative Abilative
Factual Likely Causum Indicative Base Futurm Consequenta Optative Gerundive
Unlikely Causum Indicative Abilative Futurm Consequenta Subjunctive Hypothetical
Contra-Factual Historal Causum Subjunctive Base Consequentum Subjunctive Hypothetical