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If you're after all my conlang sketches prior to 2019-01-05, they have been moved into new page so this one is easier to navigate. See here.

Cætera Merídiání

Relay Temp

Non-conlanging stuff being stored here just to waste Chrysophylax's free space err I mean miscellaneous linguistics

Conlang Sketch to be offered as tribute to language tree 'langers

Purpose-built Sketchlangs

Artificilinguæ Merídiání

Archive of older sketchlangs

Newer stuff

Σκῶρ Επιπλέον

Template Stuff

Swadesh lists based off of/viciously stolen from here:

How to use the latter (from the Min Dong (Eastern Min) Swadesh list on Wiktionary):

{{Swadesh list 207 pronunciation
|language=[[w:Min Dong|Min Dong]]
|pho206={{IPAchar|iŋ˥˧ uoi˨˦˨}}
|pho207={{IPAchar|miɑŋ˨˩ ʒei˨˦˨}}

You might be able to get away with putting the individual |phoXYZ=____ parts after their corresponding |wrdXYZ=____ parts, but I haven't tried that. ALso note that at the moment, links to the English definitions are obviously broken since they were written with Wiktionary in mind.

Guide stuff