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Essanian is awesome

I wanted to express my appreciation for the detailed and comprehensive overview provided in the article about the Romance language conlang Essanian. The article effectively covers the linguistic features. But there's a problem,like,I decided to test your conlang and it's good, here's an example:

Mo senhor Ibrahim, ¡Oh,tú,weme dulce! Anda-te pa mi. Per la nueit. Si non,si non queres, Iré pa ti. Di-me ob encontrar-te. Another example with different scripts: «Tanto amar,tanto amar,amat,tanto amar! "Enfermarón [los miyos] welhén brilhantos ed dolén tanto» "תַנְת אַמַר,תַנְתָ אַמַר,אַמַת,תַנְתָ אַמַר! "אֵנְפֵרְמַרָן [לָס מִיָס] וֵלֶּן ברִלַּנְתָס אֵד דָלֶן תַנְתָ"" «تَنتۆ آمَر،تَنتۆ آمَر،آمَت،تَنتۆ آمَر! «ێنْفێرْمَرۆن [لۆس مِیۆس] وێڵێّن برِڵَنْتۆس ێد دۆلێن تَنْتۆ»

The problem is that I don't know how the prepositions work and we don't have the prepositions,you could edit your article and add more new things to the conlang,like,in what zone do they speak it and its dialects,the syntax and etc.

Adieu!. Nogosako9 (talk) 19:15, 19 November 2023 (UTC)