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Schlomo Schngellstein is the pen name of Tobiterol Zoloft Clofabosin: /to'biteɾol 'zoloft/, Eevo: /t̪ʰɔ'bit̪ʰəɾɔʟ 'zɔʟɔft̪/ (born fT 2451 in Streptomycin, Clofabolocin), a Clofabian-Fyxoomian conlanger and composer. Schngellstein is interested in Talmic and Idavic linguistics and diachronics. He speaks Clofabosin and Eevo natively, and he is also fluent in Anbirese, Șinach Netagin, Nurian, and Sésjallese. His favorite Trician languages are the Talmic and Idavic languages.

See also Verse:Aoife, his Verse:Irta counterpart.



  • Quame
    • Proto-Talmic
      • Tigol: quasi-literal Irish
        • Tíogall (retconned German-ish Scellic with mutations)
        • Scellan
      • Nurian
    • Naquian
      • Alt-hist Naquic languages
  • Lakovic

Earth and related conworlds

Some fantasy conworld


  • Mainly a LCJI and meantone person (he's Clofabian after all)