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a joaþ Foainjŵ
Pronunciation /ə joaθ ˈfoainjuː/
Created by IlL
Setting Verse:Tricin
Region Skella, in Talma
Language family
  • Talmic
    • Thensaric
      • Tigolic
        • Vornian
Writing system Talmic script

Vornian (a joaþ Foainjŵ /ə joaθ ˈfoainjuː/; Skellan: Vornib) is a minority Tigolic language spoken in the Vorna Island of Skella, closely related to Skellan. It is notable for its many vowels.

It is aesthetically inspired by Khmer, Sami, High Valyrian, and Southern American English.


Khmerization; non-rhotic with crazy shifts before r



14 consonants.

  • m n ñ /m n ŋ/
  • b d g /p t k/
  • f þ s x ll /f θ s ʃ x/
  • ł r j /w ɾ j/
  • bl /px/ etc.


Like Manxome, Vornian preserves Middle Skellan vowel length.

  • a e ee ø o oo i y w /æ ɛ e ə ɔ o i ɨ u/
  • â ê ø̂ ô î ŷ ŵ /ɑː ɛː əː ɔː iː ɨː uː/
  • ea oa ei oe wi ow øu /ea oa ɛi ɔe ui ʌu əɨ/
  • ae ao aø âe âo /ae ao aə aːe aːo/
  • ai eai oai /ai eai oai/
  • aja eja ija oja ała /æjə ejə ɪjə ɔjə ɑwə/