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Hello! I'm Elliott (Ellie) Wheeler (she/them, English: /ɛ˥.li˧(.jət˩) (h)wi˥.lɚ˩/), but you can just call me Учхљёрнэйа (Dãterške: /ut͡ʃxʎørnɛja/), my personal mononym in my first ConLang, Danterian, meaning "someone who is simultaneously learner & a teacher" as a name, as opposed a lexicalized term.

As for who I am, I'm a unprofessional/amateur linguist, a worldbuilder & ConLinguist, an autistic demisexual trans lesbian, a scientist specializing in multiple fields, a Marcyite communist, an unprofessional cello-player in my town's symphonic orchestra, a biethnic Lemko & Scot with an interest particularly in Middle-Eastern & Central Asian cultures, a person lacking significantly in social capital (if you couldn't already tell), an unprofessional inventor & builder, a pretty stereotypical Michigander, and a believer in complete freedom of information, meaning that I believe that absolutely no knowledge should be held sacred, taboo, secret, or withheld from any sapient entity at any cost or reason.

To whomever's had the spoons read all of this, and even if you didn't, I hope you have a wonderful day/niğt!


Listed in chronological order, excluding minor or trivial ConLang ideas that I decided not to elaborate upon:

  1.   Dãterške language (category): An a priori language originally desiğned to be an auxlang for the scientific community, but resides now as a linguistic experiment. Also known as Danterian & Danterske.
  2.   Ndongan language (category): An a posteriori creole language from Imperial Russian created for the universe of the play L′ywai!, in which the language is the lingua-franca in colonial Russian Africa (Angola, Namibia, & Mozambique) during the Civil war.
  3.   Galactic Basic language (category): An a priori reconstructed-developed language from the lingua-franca of the Star Wars universe, despite the fact that it's canonically mutually intelligible with English, evolved from Old Galactic Standard.
  4.   Ret̒foyi language (category): An a posteriori language from Proto-Austronesian desiğned to simulate an Austronesian language that had evolved in the Caucasus sprachbund. Also known as Retfoyese.
  5.   Sudric language (category): An a posteriori reconstructed-developed language from the language of the island of Sodor in Thomas & Friends desiğned to be almost mutually intelligible with a tonal version of Manx, evolved from Proto-Goidelic.
  6.   Seftaic languages (category): An a posteriori Indo-European language-family desiğned to simulate preservation of a horizontal vowel system into modern times.
    1. Proto-Seftaic language (category): An artlang directly from Proto-Indo-European that acts as the common ancestor of the Seftaic languages.
      1. Azphictish language (category): A language from Proto-Seftaic desiğned to simulate a Seftaic language that had evolved in the Caucasus sprachbund, yet be the most conservative of the Seftaic languages, thus converting its horizontal vowel system into a vertical vowel system.
  7.   Khelvmish language (category): An a posteriori language from Proto-Mon-Khmer via Old Khelvmish created both to simulate the development of a Mon-Khmer language in contact with Iroquoian & Algic languages and to rectify the lack of Mon-Khmer conlangs.
  8.   Glaeglo-Hyudrontic languages (category): An a priori language-family comprising the majority of indigenous languages of the continent of Valhattbott on the planet ZE-1b in the Sel universe.
    1. Proto-Glaeglo-Hyudrontic language (category): An artlang that acts as the common ancestor of the Glaeglo-Hyudrontic languages.
      1. Proto-Hyudrontic language (category): An artlang that acts as the common ancestor of the Hyudrontic languages primarily in the plains of the continent.
        1. Periodan language (category): The language the Lake Perioda Civilization, one of the first sedentary civilizations of the continent.
      2. Proto-Kana language (category): An artlang that acts as the common ancestor of the Kana languages primarily in the northern hiğlands of the continent.




  1. Flag of Danterlĕxan.png: Flag of Danterlokhan
  2. Flag of the Island of Sodor.png: Flag of the Island of Sodor
  3. Flag of Anerrot.png: (with the help of Ariadna) Flag of Anerrot