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Hello! I'm Elliott (Ellie) Wheeler (any pronouns), but you can just call me Учхљёрнэйа (Dãterške: /ut͡ʃxʎørnɛja/), my personal mononym in my first ConLang, Danterian, meaning "a learner & a teacher" (as a name, not a lexicalized term).

As for who I am, I'm a worldbuilder & amateur conLinguist, an autistic demisexual enby lesbian, something of a chemist, an unprofessional cello and accordion player, a biethnic Lemko & Scot, an anthropologist mainly focused on indigenous American & Central Asian cultures, and a pretty stereotypical Michigander.

You may recognize me from my former account on wikipedia, and if you do I would like to sincerely apologize for both my frankly immature behavior and that you had to bear witness to all the embarrassing bullshit I feuded over in my time there.

To whomever's had the time/energy read all of this, and even if you didn't, I hope you have a wonderful day or night!


Listed in chronological order, excluding minor or trivial ConLang ideas that I decided not to elaborate upon:

  1.   Dãterške language (category): An a priori language originally designed to be an auxlang for the scientific community, but resides now as a linguistic experiment. Also known as Danterian & Danterske.
  2.   Ndongan language (category): An a posteriori creole language from Imperial Russian created for the universe of the yet-unpublished play L′ywai!, in which the language is the lingua-franca in colonial Russian Africa (Angola, Namibia, & Mozambique) during the Civil war.
  3.   Galactic Basic language (category): An a priori reconstructed-developed language from the lingua-franca of the Star Wars universe, despite the fact that it's canonically mutually intelligible with English, evolved from Old Galactic Standard.
  4.   Ret̒foyi language (category): An a posteriori language from Proto-Austronesian designed to simulate an Austronesian language that had evolved in the Caucasus sprachbund in the universe of L′ywai!. Also known as Retfoyese.
  5.   Seftaic languages (category): An a posteriori Indo-European language-family designed to simulate preservation of a horizontal vowel system into modern times.
    1. Proto-Seftaic language (category): An artlang directly from Proto-Indo-European that acts as the common ancestor of the Seftaic languages.
      1. Azphictish language (category): A language from Proto-Seftaic designed to simulate a Seftaic language that had evolved in the Caucasus sprachbund, yet be the most conservative of the Seftaic languages, thus converting its horizontal vowel system into a vertical vowel system.
  6.   Khelvmish language (category): An a posteriori language from Proto-Mon-Khmer spoken primarily in the Thumb and Niagara peninsulas, created to simulate the development of a Mon-Khmer language in contact with Iroquoian & some Central Algonquian languages, developed in the universe of L′ywai!.
    1. Old Khelvmish (category): The oldest known ancestor of Khelvmish, directly descended from Proto-Mon-Khmer.
  7.   Glaeglo-Hyudrontic languages (category): An a priori language-family comprising the majority of indigenous languages of the continent of Valsatbat on the planet ZE-1b in the Sel universe.
    1. Proto-Glaeglo-Hyudrontic language (category): An artlang that acts as the common ancestor of the Glaeglo-Hyudrontic languages.
      1. Proto-Hyudrontic language (category): An artlang that acts as the common ancestor of the Hyudrontic languages primarily spoken in the southwestern plains of Valsatbat.
        1. Periodan language (category): The language of the chalcolithic Lake Perioda Civilization, one of the first recorded sedentary civilizations of the continent.
      2. Proto-Kana language (category): An artlang that acts as the common ancestor of the Kana languages spoken primarily in the Dalic highlands of Valsatbat.
  8.   Elven (jokelang)(category): A jokelang spoken as an aristocratic language in Colonial Mars, inspired by a tweet by Grimes in which she refers to "Æ" as Elven for love & artificial intelligence.


In this Versespace:
  • Verse:Sel (category): An a priori universe with a 5th fundamental force (magic) and a variety of other Our Universe-like matter configurations, a collaboration project between Baruch Haythorn & I.
In this Versespace:



  1. Flag of Danterlĕxan.png: Flag of Danterlokhan
  2. Flag of Anerrot.png: (with the help of Ariadna) Flag of Anerrot