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Aterran Languages
Created byBenJamin P. Johnson,

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SettingPlanet Aterra

The Aterran Languages are a group of languages created for Anthony Gutierrez for his upcoming graphic novel series The Lost Children.

Alderxmanuvgöm (Northern)

Alderxmanuvgöm, also known as Dhënuvgöm or simply Northern, is a language spoken in Aterra.


Arbulian is alone among the Aterran languages in that it is not presently spoken on the planet, nor indeed even from the planet. It is highly fusional, and is spoken by an extra-aterrestrial race of deities.

Drikva Yakke (Modern Standard Imperial)

Modern Standard Imperial is the official language of much of Aterra. Descended from a very formal fusional language, modern Imperial is very analytic, and is arguably moderately creolized, though not to the extent that would rise to the definition of a true creole. It retains a somewhat deep orthography harkening back to its ancient predecessor.


Hakdor is a dialect continuum spoken by the Hakdor, a non-human, engineered race on Aterra (also know as The Blighted).

Kéðryňa (Ashian)

Ashian is an ancient language spoken in Aterra with some influence from some pesky space-faring Old Norse speakers called the Orka.


Western is a language spoken on the western continent on Aterra.