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BenJamin P. Johnson (“Jamin”) was born in upstate New York some decades ago, and studied many various languages before switching his major to linguistics. He currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his husband Terrence. He has been a member of the Language Creation Society’s Board of Directors since 2015. He makes a brief appearance in the 2017 film Conlanging: The Art of Crafting Tongues.

  • Dlatci – an a priori language that Jamin has been working on since 1994. It has undergone some massive changes over the years, though, and is currently in a state that isn’t entirely “presentable.” He hopes to fix this soon.
  • Maltcégj – an a priori language created out of boredom and full of vicious puns. Maltcégj started as a sort of blog, before there were blogs, and when he remembers, Jamin still tries to keep things up-to-date:
  • Valthungian (Sō Grējuga Tunga) – another Germanic a posteriori, this time a close relative of Gothic. Not directly descended from Gothic, as such, but maybe a great-great-nephew. Jamin aspired to maintain a blog about it as it developed, but he’s seriously bad at that. Jamin formally presented Valthungian as a theoretical descendant of Gothic at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo in 2018, which was attended by twos or even threes of people.