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Hello, gōðna dag, bjólet nad, and taxa teiu! My name is Jamin and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I've created a number of languages throughout the years, and I hope to present a few of them here. My most “complete” languages to date are:

  • Northeadish (Druðþþȳðesc) – an a posteriori Germanic language with some medievalist flare. (I like to think of it as “South Germanic,” despite the name).
  • Maltcégj – an a priori language I created just for fun because my other languages at the time were a little too rigid. Maltcégj started as a sort of blog, before there were blogs, and when I remember, I still try to keep things up-to-date:
  • Dlatci – an a priori language (one of the “rigid” ones above) that I’ve been working on since 1995. It’s undergone some massive changes over the years, though, and is currently in a state that isn’t entirely “presentable.” I hope to fix this soon.
  • Walthungian – another Germanic a posteriori, this time a close relative of Gothic. Not directly descended from Gothic, as such, but maybe a great-great-nephew.
  • Brooding – an a priori language originally created by Veronica Hamilton (formerly Scott) for the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company. Brooding is used in the company's theme song and logo, and was used in their 2012 production of The Dark Side Show, the 2015 production of Harken, and 2016 book Riddlesbrood: The Greatest Brochure in the World. I have been curating and expanding the language on behalf of Riddlesbrood since the fall of 2014.