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axifsrey ahawralyir
Created byLili21
DateFeb 2018
Native toSouthern Evandor (Auralia)
Native speakers210,000,000 (2312)
Evandorian languages
  • Southern Evandorian
    • Auralian
Íscégon script for Auralian

Auralian (ahAwralyir or axifsrey ahawralyir [axifˈsrɛj ahawraɫˈjir]]) is an Evandorian language of Calémere, belonging to the Southern Evandorian branch and therefore related to Nivarese, Gazimyük, and the Agrôkian languages. It is the native language of the country of Auralia (endonym Awral [awˈraɫ]) in Southern Evandor (nIwnedurt [niʊ̯neˈdurt) and the country's role in the colonization era means that Auralian is also the main language in many countries around the planet, including, notably, the Republic of Ẓɣer [ðɣɛr], the most populated country on Púríton (umBuriṣt [umbuˈriθt]).

It is the third most spoken Evandorian language (after Cerian and Nordulaki) and the sixth most spoken overall (Chlouvānem and Spocian have more speakers). As a Southern Evandorian language, it shares traits typical to that family, such as the existence of a construct state, but, alone in its branch, it lacks articles. It has also one of the most conservative nominal morphologies among living Evandorian languages, having evolved one more case (the instrumental) and retaining all five Proto-Evandorian cases, the only living Evandorian language to do so.

External History

Auralia, as a name, is somewhat newer than Ceria or Nordûlik, probably dating after 2010 or 2011 (as Skyrdagor or Nivaren). However, for the conlang itself, I did not know which aesthetic to follow. The first time I tried it looked very Greek, but, as I already had Greek inspiration for Nivarese, I decided to differentiate it more. Second time, almost a Dutch giblang... nice, but too giblangy to work. The third time I decided to introduce a Ligurian aesthetic, with further influences from Occitan, Ukrainian, and European Portuguese - the latter two more in certain phonological or diachronical aspects. Anyway I wasn't completely happy with that and, as part of a general remake of Evandorian languages, where I made Nivarese more Biblical Hebrew-looking than Greek-looking, I chose the current, Berber-inspired aesthetic for Auralian.









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