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The Fifth Linguifex Relay is an upcoming conlang relay, a game of conlingual telephone, on Linguifex. Succeeding the ei! jån' kähne Jündemruoger relay, starting in Classical Wiobian, the fifth relay is being prepared by IlL in his Tíogall language.

This relay has already started. You can ask the relaymaster for permission to sign up, or sign up for the next relay when it is announced.


The game is similar to Chinese whispers. The procedure is simple: you will receive a conlang text, a whisper or torch, from the previous seat with an interlinear/gloss which you are to translate into your own conlang and add information so that the next person can decipher it and make a new translation. You will have 48 hours from the time of having received the whisper to prepare a translation of it into your conlang, gloss it and then send it to the next person in the chain. You are free to include either a glossary and grammar notes or an interlinear (or both!). The choice is up to you, but it is always recommended to at least add an interlinear.

In the event that you fail to whisper within your allotted 48 hours, the turn will skip your seat and go to the next participant.

The relaymaster reserves the right to determine when a relay is to start; you can sign up freely until then. Everyone is welcome to partake, but for reasons of convenience, an account on Linguifex is required. Every person is restricted to one entry, but the choice of conlang is up to them. In the case that two people chose the same language, a first-come first-served basis will be adopted (unless, say, the language creator chooses to join in).



The final seat will be a retranslation into the source conlang, as well as the first translation into English. In conjunction, the original text will be published in English.


Once you've received the conlang text with glosses and all, create a page called "Fifth Linguifex Relay/X", where X is your language. Translate and gloss the text into your conlang (try to include an interlinear gloss), and check the Seats list on this page: Take a look who's next after you and go to their talk page and create a new topic called "Fifth Linguifex Relay"; and link the page where you keep your translation.