Middle Semitic

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Middle Semitic
ܫܡܥ ܡܪܟܙ
Universal Language Map
Writingw:Syriac alphabet
Region:w:Arab world
Proto-language:w:Proto-Semitic language
Languages:w:Maghrebi Arabic,

w:Egyptian Arabic, w:Modern Hebrew w:Neo-Aramaic languages

Population:290 million
Flag of Middle Semitic

Africa: SEDESMiddle SemiticKintuGuosa Central Asia: JalpiCaucasZensDravindianNeo-Sanskrit Europe: IntralinguaFolksprakInterslavicBalkanSamboka Far East: Dan'a'yoIMMSEAL


Jews, Muslims, and Christians get an equal vote, though most aspects are created logically, and not derivationally. Whenever possible, the many dialects of Arabic are consulted, as well as modern Israeli.


22 consonant, 5 vowels. The sounds, n IPA, with spirantization listed as allophones: a, b~β, d~ð, e, g~ɣ, h, ħ, i, j, k~x, l, m, n, o, p~ɸ, q, r, s, s', ʃ, t, t', u, w, z, ʔ, ʕ


There is not an exact middle between all the languages. A compromise position is needed at every turn. Neo-Aramaic is the best "middle ground". (RTL) ʾalap, bet, gamal, dalat, he, wo, zen, ḥe, ṭet, yod, kap, lamad, mim, nun, samkat, ʿe, pe, ṣade, qop, reš, šin, to.


Pronouns comes in full and cliticized forms. Verbs conjugate for person, number, gender, mood, voice, and stem. The dual is only used in certain cases. Adjectives inflect for number, state, and gender.


Word-order is SVO and without case, this is rather strictly enforced. Pro-drop is common due to verbal inflection.


For a comparative Swadesh list see Middle Semitic/Swadesh

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