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Universal Language Map
Writing w:Caucasian Albanian
Region: w:Caucasus
Genders: 0
Cases: 5
Alignment Ergative-Absolutive
Proto-language: w:Languages of the Caucasus
Typology: Agglutinative
Word-Order SOV

Georgian, Chechen, Avar, Ingush, Lezgian, Abkhaz, Abaza, Kabardian, Adyghe, Armenian, Ossetian., ,

Population: 26 million
Flag of Caucas

Africa: SEDESMiddle SemiticKintuGuosa Central Asia: JalpiCaucasZensDravindianNeo-Sanskrit Europe: IntralinguaFolksprakInterslavicBalkanSamboka Far East: Dan'a'yoIMMSEAL

Poly-personal agreement

different words) for the demonstrative determiners/adjectives and demonstrative pronouns

syllabic consonants

genitive possessive

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