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Universal Language Map
Writingw:Grantha script
Region:w:South Indian
Proto-language:w:Proto-Dravidian language

w:Tamil language, w:Telugu language w:Malayalam w:Tulu language w:Brahui language

Population:220 million
Flag of Davindian

Africa: SEDESMiddle SemiticKintuGuosa Central Asia: JalpiCaucasZensDravindianNeo-Sanskrit Europe: IntralinguaFolksprakInterslavicBalkanSamboka Far East: Dan'a'yoIMMSEAL

These language are unified by vocabulary, word-order, grammatical cases, grammatical genders, clusivity, typology, phonology, and morphosyntactic alignment. There are no tones. Consonants five places of articulation and four manners for obstruents. Vowels are the five-vowel system, but all available in short and long.

Need to buy T. Burrow (1984). Dravidian Etymological Dictionary, 2nd Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-864326-5


  1. The presence of verbs that follow their objects rather than precede them. When subjects are present, the will generally precede the objects.
  2. The placing in object position of goals of verbs of motion, predicate nominals and adjectives, adverbial complements, and infinitival complements of catenatives.
  3. The use of verbal auxiliaries that follow rather than precede the main verb with which they are used
  4. The marking of syntactic functions of nominal elements by means of postpositions, as opposed to prepositions
  5. Patterns of word order in which adjectives, genitive phrases, demonstratives, and numerals generally precede the noun they modify
  6. Qualifiers precede adjectives
  7. Causative verbs
  8. conjunctive particles
  9. explicator compound verbs
  10. dative constructions
  11. no "to have"
  12. no articles
  13. case
  14. clusivity
  15. two genders


  • No tone
  • Five places of articulation and four manners for obstruents
Labial Dental Retroflex Palatal Velar
Nasal /m/ 𑀫 /n/ 𑀦 /ɳ/ 𑀡 /ɲ/ 𑀜 /ŋ/ 𑀗
Unvoiced /p/ 𑀧 /t/ 𑀢 /ʈ/ 𑀝 /c/ 𑀘 /k/ 𑀓
Voiced /b/ 𑀩 /d/ 𑀤 /ɖ/ 𑀟 /ɟ/ 𑀚 /g/ 𑀕
Aspirated /pʰ/ 𑀨 /tʰ/ 𑀣 /ʈʰ/ 𑀞 /cʰ/ 𑀙 /kʰ/ 𑀔
Breathy /bʰ/ 𑀪 /dʰ/ 𑀥 /ɖʰ/ 𑀠 /ɟʰ/ 𑀛 /gʰ/ 𑀖
Fricative /v/ 𑀯 /s/ 𑀲 /ʂ/ 𑀱 /ɕ/ 𑀰 /h/ 𑀳
Lateral /l/ 𑀮 /ɭ/ 𑀴
Approximant /r/ 𑀭 /ɻ/ 𑀶 /j/ 𑀬

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