Literature:O how quickly the sculpture of life

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Note: This page is primarily for post-facto direct translations into conlangs which weren't part of the original relay. For the original translations, see the article Fourth Linguifex Relay.


Original (Wiobian & English)

Original Wiobian English

«ei! jån' kähne Jündemruoger
snirre ure nungnung Troh;
Sioner röbes ƕieme Puoger',
ind' enwülze Þafte quoh'.
ei! lind mause bückne mungel,
Wiote-Wuzes duoɟ niens Kliten'.
ionem' ƕind Benußes zungel;
Kuobs mes pepen, Ƕeiges miten.»

O how quickly the sculpture of life
Shatters into tiny little fragments!
The splendor of the king on his throne
Is completely swept away by sea-waves.
Ye who are come hither stationed here,
By Heaven's grace ye are guests.
Just like us, ye act in order to be judged;
Therefore let us be generous to the pauper, and give to our fellow man.