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Note: This page is primarily for post-facto direct translations into conlangs which weren't part of the original relay. For the original translations, see the subpages of Second Linguifex Relay linked there.


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Original (Ris & English)

Original Ris English

Hai rha thyrrhi

Ai akanter ai demoukratia, tandes tyrrhanika kasterrhoua. Gerioster enai:

« Arkhaumerrhestra ai kolourakera, ai hapakta, ai kastanizera. Ai kai an orekhontai ksinamena anthera nai; ouentar nai antheroua determena, kanthra nai antheroua akyenamena, tastazi nai antheroua hapaktemena.

Arkhaumerrhestra sti thyrrhi rha ati anderrhi;
A koui i kuomena oskhyra, menabhris ouentar kia ananthyzoua, anatyza ake ouranai an taoukhanta oskhyranta.
Ouentar kia, menake taoukhai, ankherrhakoua.

Hai rha thyrrhi.

Andrai kai tyrrhia eskhina kananta abhominanta au kanthrouri atouri. Kanomenai tyrrhanikaumai, antir kanmistra nei! Kanina, kanmanas!
Kanterrhistanas orekhonta, kanterrhistanas hestimanta, kantherrhistanas ankherrakomenai, goupheri emenai. »

Thus spoke the woman

According to the Representative of the Republic, tyrranical times are dawning. We must trust her:

"We must remember the small things, the big things, the everyday things. As our strength grows less, our mind will be determined, our heart will be bolder, our courage will be greater.

We must remember what the woman said unto the man:
The seas are ever-dark, but your mind should not be shrouded; shrouded like the sky by the darkest clouds. Even the darkest clouds crack.
Your mind, unlike the clouds, should not crack.

Thus spoke the woman.

There are men and women carrying abominable actions in their hearts. Having done tyrranical things, they shan’t do it to us! They have done it willingly, not involuntarily!
Remain strong, remain proud, remain uncracked, my people."